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The Jeff on 10th in Jeffersonville, Indiana
email: Click Here
phone: (513)588-2689
Price Range: Call for Pricing

More info about The Jeff on 10th

Living at The Jeff on 10th is truly special and unique. Both laidback and lively, comfortable and refined, modern and charming, captivating and liberating, an urban retreat and suburban destination; this is a place to call home and to get carried away. This landmark inspires people to transform their expectations of modern luxury apartment living. You have every essential and amenity you can imagine at your fingertips, but you also have a blank canvas. One that gives you the power to choose what belongs in your space, how you experience it, what makes it you, and what makes it the home of your dreams. Here, you can design your own version of luxury; you can create the world and lifestyle you envision for yourself and those you want to share it with. This is your playground.

The Jeff on 10th brings together exclusivity and privacy, as well as sunny, friendly neighborhood charm along with the sophistication you'd expect from a luxury high-rise downtown. Located right outside of Louisville, you can enjoy the space and security of suburban life, but also have easy access to the energy and activity in the city. You have the right combination of everyday essentials and upscale amenities, which creates a uniquely urban perspective on suburban life. Here, you have the freedom to influence, cultivate, leave your mark, reimagine your surroundings, your home, your world, and your place in it. And you don't have to decide where it end... Welcome home.